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Late stages
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Business Planning
If you're involved in a business that needs to be more strategically-aligned and action-driven then Direction is for you.
Direction is not another tedious business planning tool that starts to lose relevance before the ink has dried.
Instead, Direction is a dynamic and relevant business execution tool that will help you achieve your growth targets.
Direction will help you define your big business goals in terms that everyone can understand and contribute to. It will also ensure that your actions and initiatives are aligned to these goals and that they are relentlessly pursued.
Flagship Ventures
Late stages
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Accounting & Finance
Flagship Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on creating, financing and building innovative companies. Founded in 1999, Flagship manages over $500 million in early-stage funds and operates from its offices at Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA. With an active portfolio of over 40 companies, the firm’s strategy is to balance its investments across three principal business sectors: Therapeutics, Life Science Tools & Diagnostics, and BioEnergy/Cleantech.
The Flagship investment team consists of 10 professionals and is led by co-founders Noubar Afeyan and Ed Kania. Complementing our internal team is our extensive network of academic and industrial advisors who are actively engaged in evaluating and helping develop our new ventures. During the past two decades Flagship's principals have been involved as founders or investors in many highly successful ventures including: Adnexus Therapeutics, Alere Medical, Aspect Medical, Celera Genomics, ChemGenics Pharmaceuticals, Color Kinetics, Cytyc, DataSage, Exact Sciences, Helicos Biosciences, Hypnion, IDEXX, Morphotek, PerSeptive Biosystems and TripAdvisor.
To maximize the returns to our investors, we combine our experience, our passion for innovation, our focus on value creation and our commitment to the success of each company's leadership team.
All stages
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Mgmt. & Strategy
ArcSight is a leading provider of security and compliance management solutions that intelligently identify and mitigate business risk for enterprises, MSSPs and government agencies. Designed with the needs of highly complex, geographically dispersed and heterogeneous business and technology infrastructures in mind, ArcSight provides the industry’s only vendor-neutral solution for intelligent identification, prioritization and network response to external security attacks, insider threats and compliance breaches.
Much like a "mission control center," ArcSight's award-winning ESM solution intelligently collects and distills millions of enterprise-wide events down to the most critical information necessary for organizations to make informed decisions to protect their businesses. It does this through an open platform which integrates hundreds of point/individual security and networking products to find risks that would otherwise go undetected, and inherently enhances the business value of point technology investments.
The resulting real time and historic view across heterogeneous infrastructures, augmented by ArcSight's complementary solutions for high performance log management – ArcSight Logger, network configuration management – ArcSight NCM and threat response management – ArcSight TRM, offers the industry’s only complete solution suite with a closed-loop process for addressing both security and compliance requirements.
The Lotus Effects
Late stages
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Spa Image Advisor, Trainer and Wellness Expert
Business Planning, Marketing & Advertising, Financing & Fundraising, Mgmt. & Strategy, Sales & Partnership, Turnaround & Operation
Spa and Hospitality Consulting - Management - Development - Mentoring -Training
Imagination, Intelligence - Helping people create the life they want, rather than react to the life they have.
With over ten years of spa and hospitality industry experience, and a team of key strategic partnerships, we are able to customize our work to your company needs. This creates the most productive concepts for your spa, so you can create a successful and viable venture.
Organizational Planning Advisors, L
All stages
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Accounting & Finance, Business Planning, Marketing & Advertising, Mgmt. & Strategy, Human Resources, Sales & Partnership
Today's business environment is tougher than ever: customers are slow to buy, and slow to pay. Vendors demand prompt payment, and partners who can focus, and really contribute to your business, are elusive. Employees are distracted. Revenue seems harder to get, harder to keep, and funding options have evaporated. And the next payroll is due...
OPA can help:
OPA is a consulting company founded by experienced business managers.
We have extensive managerial skills covering many industries, including non-profit, powered by a sense of urgency and sound fiscal management.
We believe that we can assist you in making something happen whether it is revenue or profit growth, or operational efficiency.
Our mission is to complete projects or provide ongoing consultation, without disrupting your ongoing business activities.
Since we have hired consultants when we were running our companies, we know how important that is.
Operating on the philosophy of giving honest appraisals, we are here for you for as long as you need us, and within your budget and your timeframes.
Catapult Consulting Associates LLC
All stages
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Accounting & Finance, Merger & Acquisition, Business Planning, Financing & Fundraising, Mgmt. & Strategy, Turnaround & Operation
Catapult Consulting Associates LLC was established to provide companies with superior expertise, independent advisory and high-level management consulting services, tailored specifically to meet companys budgetary requirements. We pride ourselves on developing compensation structures that meet every clients requirements.
WebsterRubin Consulting Group
All stages
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Human Resources, Turnaround & Operation
In 1997, Kathleen Wells Webster, MBA , and Jackie Rubin, Ph.D., formed WebsterRubin Consulting Group. We are a team of highly qualified organizational development professionals, each bringing more than 25 years of experience to our partnership.
Jeff Cohn
All stages
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Business Planning, Financing & Fundraising
Venture Consultant - Sourcing Technology Companies in Southern California
Outlook Ventures
All stages
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From Vision to Results
Merger & Acquisition, Business Planning, Financing & Fundraising, Mgmt. & Strategy, Turnaround & Operation
Established in 1996, Outlook Ventures actively invests in promising early and growth stage industry-transforming information technology companies on the West Coast. We are passionate about working with talented entrepreneurs toward a shared vision. The firm applies its depth of industry experience and resources, unique among early and growth stage firms, to building each individual portfolio company. As a result, Outlook has delivered returns in the top quartile of all venture funds and, more importantly, has helped entrepreneurs achieve profound impact on their industry sectors.
Late stages
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Mgmt. & Strategy
EbTide Consulting is a strategy consulting firm focusing on customers, markets and products. We help top management make vital decisions regarding strategy, operations and investments.
Our goal is to deliver results through strategy and management tools.
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