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Operations Excellence
All stages
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Meet your best friend for process improvement
Business Planning, Bus. Improvement (TOC, 6S, Lean)
Strategic planning, Operations Management, Project Management, Process Improvement using TOC, 6S, Lean. Serving manufacturing, distribution, wholesalers, & service organizations.
ELO Capital
All stages
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Linking Capital with Entrepreneurs
Accounting & Finance, Merger & Acquisition, Business Planning, Financing & Fundraising, Mgmt. & Strategy, Human Resources, Sales & Partnership, Intellectual property, Turnaround & Operation, Legal Matters, Bus. Improvement (TOC, 6S, Lean)
ELO Capital is entirely dedicated to Private Equity and Venture Capital through:
1. In-depth deal doing experience in Latin America, including Brazil, Mexico, Central America, Panama, DR, Bolivia and Argentina.
2. Target Company and / or Fund (GP) Due diligence.
3. Limited Partner advice and related-matters i.e. Board and Investment Committee.
4. Family-owned business Sucession and Corporate Governance.
5. Coaching in acquiring or divesting companies in Latin America.
6. Fluent M&A services in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
7. Board representation and Investment Committee advice.
8. Equity training and high level investment coaching.
Late stages
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Merger & Acquisition, Business Planning
Tiburon offers market seminars, market research, strategy consulting, and other related services within the brokerage, investment management, wealth management, banking, and insurance marketplace.
Myrna Associates.
All stages
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Leaders in strategic planning
Business Planning, Mgmt. & Strategy
Since 1991 organizations have discovered Myrna Associates' strategic planning process - Total Quality Planning - is the secret path to success. They have found it to be a powerful and an affordable tool for coping with major transitions ranging from near bankruptcy to sudden, massive, and uncontrolled growth.
Our premium strategic planning is the quickest, most reliable way to implement strategic planning. It is a proven process, professionally facilitated, with prompt delivery on the documented plan
If our premium service doesn't meet your current needs, use our how-to book to implement the process yourself.
Abbott Capital Management, LLC
All stages
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Financing & Fundraising
Abbott Capital was founded in 1986 as an independent registered investment adviser and has focused exclusively on private equity—venture capital, buyouts and special situations—by making investments in professionally managed partnerships. Abbott Capital’s investment team applies in-depth fundamental research and a rigorous due diligence process to selecting investment partnerships, constructing portfolios and monitoring investments that have the potential to produce attractive long-term rates of return.
As one of the premier firms in private equity, Abbott Capital takes great pride in the growth and success of its organization. Abbott Capital offers a unique combination of performance, continuity among senior professionals and alignment of interests that stems from its history as an independent manager focused solely on private equity investments.
Abbott’s strengths include its commitment to building relationships with clients and general partners alike—and a dedication to providing a culture of long-term partnership among investors and their investments.
International Business Partners
All stages
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Business Planning, Consulting and Development Services
Business Planning, Marketing & Advertising
Startups, entrepreneurs or existing businesses that need a professionally prepared Business Plan by an experienced business plan consultant, to develop their business strategy and vision in order to obtain funding or to assess the feasibility of the business concept or to operate the business.
Businesses or entrepreneurs looking for startup funding, business loans, real estate funding or investors.
Businesses or entrepreneurs needing business development and consulting services to plan, start, operate or expand their business and market their products and services, domestically or internationally.
Businesses or entrepreneurs who need marketing and sales support in order to expand the exposure of their products and services.
Businesses or entrepreneurs who need consulting services to assist them with proposals, contract negotiations, project implementation or other business transactions.
John Rende
Late stages
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Accounting & Finance, Financing & Fundraising, Legal Matters
Giandomenico (John) Rende may be retained as an expert witness in securities cases. Rende's expertise covers virtually all areas related to compliance, investments in stocks, options, fixed income, mutual funds, insurance products, futures, etc.
Rende has been a manager and an investment consultant with over forty years of experience in the securities and derivatives industry.
Rende can act as an expert witness for both plaintiff and defendant and his services have no geographical limitations.
For additional information go to "www.expertwitnesssecurities.net"
Accelerator Technology Holding
Late stages
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Accounting & Finance, Merger & Acquisition
An private equity firm specialized in investing in Technology, and Online verticals
Illinois Corporate Investment
Late stages
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Accounting & Finance, Merger & Acquisition
M&A; Intermediary, Valuation, Management Consulting,
Emaar Financial Services
All stages
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Accounting & Finance, Financing & Fundraising
Emaar Financial Services is one of the leading brokerage firms in UAE , provide services in UAE and Saudi Arabia, the trading value in both countries exceeds 90% of the total Gulf Counties( GCC). In UAE , there are the following markets:1.Abu Dhabi Securities Market2.Dubai Financial Market3.Dubai International Financial Exchange(DIFX).for further info. see www.emaarfs.ae
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