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Science of Business
All stages
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Accounting & Finance, Business Planning, Marketing & Advertising, Mgmt. & Strategy, Sales & Partnership, Turnaround & Operation, Bus. Improvement (TOC, 6S, Lean)
We put our money where our mouth is. We do results based consulting whenever possible. 90% to 100% of our fees are based on your results. And these fees are based on actual bottom-line results, not just accomplishing some task. If your sales and profits don't increase then you don't pay the bonuses. Period.
We use Theory of Constraints to focus Lean and Six Sigma initiatives. We are the leading experts in the world at applying these concepts to sales and marketing having developed the Mafia Offer Boot Camp. We also specialize in quick operational turnarounds for high complex job shops and teaching them continuous improvment with our Velocity Scheduling System.
The President, Dr Lisa Lang, is world recognized and on the board of TOCICO (Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization).
Goal Systems International
All stages
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Mgmt. & Strategy, Turnaround & Operation, Bus. Improvement (TOC, 6S, Lean)
Organizational strategy development and deployment; complex system analysis and problem-solving; Theory of Constraints applications (ALL) via consortium/association with only world-class experts/specialists.
Spirit Management Consultancy
All stages
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Mgmt. & Strategy, Turnaround & Operation, Bus. Improvement (TOC, 6S, Lean)
Business process improvement using TOC; coaching; hands-on temporary management services.
Gabriel Lopez Limon
All stages
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Bus. Improvement (TOC, 6S, Lean)
15 years as a TOC practitioner in Mexico and LatinAmerica.
Development and follow up of internal Change Agents.
Providing Common Sense Solutions b.v.b.a.
All stages
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Helping you to reach your next level of excellence
Business Planning, Mgmt. & Strategy, Turnaround & Operation, Bus. Improvement (TOC, 6S, Lean)
Besides a degree as an MSc Engineering in Electronics and Automation from the Industrile Hogeschool Gent (BE), Peter Sacras has a post-graduate degree in Management and Economics from the University of Leuven (BE) as well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of Liverpool (UK). Besides his mother tongue Dutch, he is fluent in English, German, French and Spanish.
He started his professional career as a process engineer at the Belgian subsidiary of automotive supplier Kautex N.V., an international manufacturer of blow molding machines and products.
After three years he changed as logistics manager to AVO Production N.V. being responsible for negotiation and purchase of raw materials, planning production capacity and material flow, improvement of corporate processes, JIT transports, corporate reorganization.
In 1996 Peter Sacras changed to the automotive supplier Sommer-Alibert N.V. as plant manager, where he was in charge of building up and running a new plant in Brussels.
His next post was the operations management of Sycron Nederland B.V. comprising full responsibility of the daily business of the Dutch company, planning and guiding the startup of the French operations, and reorganizing and streamlining the three companies in Belgium, The Netherlands and France.
In 2000 Peter Sacras took over Chief Operations Officer at ACA International B.V., where he also controlled projects of the covering ACA Group Holding streamlining the organization of four companies in the Netherlands and one in Canada.
2002 Peter Sacras changed to interim management. His first assignment was for Bosch Produktie N.V. in Belgium where he temporarily took over supplier quality management as member of the Supplier Quality Assurance division, being responsible for decreasing ppm targets by 65%. Then he reorganized AGOR Technology GmbH in Germany, which resulted in increasing significantly their business and the planning of a new plant, and served as project manager improving processes and streamlining organizations.
Since 2005 Peter Sacras is an independent Top Management Consultant and Executive Temporary Manager to clients worldwide helping them in the fields of operations, logistics, distribution, finance and project management to bring them to their next level of excellence and significantly improve their bottom line.
References: Balta Industries (BE), Balterio (BE), Velux (BE-DK), Sadeco (BE), Vigor Glasdecoratie (NL), Wincor-Nixdorf (DE-SG), Spanolux (BE), Invacare International (SU-FR-UK-DK-SE-DE-PT), AGCO Corporation (US-FR-BR), Cafe DonLino (VE), Carcoustics International GmbH (DE-MX), Prevent Group (DE-MA), etc.
Besides his various degrees, Peter Sacras holds an Application Expert degree in Theory Of Constraints (TOC) from Goldratt School and is teaching TOC to consultants and organizations worldwide. He is working towards his degree as certified TOC Expert.
lawrence ngunju
All stages
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Accounting & Finance, Merger & Acquisition, Business Planning, Marketing & Advertising, Financing & Fundraising, Mgmt. & Strategy, Human Resources, Sales & Partnership, Intellectual property, Turnaround & Operation, Legal Matters, Bus. Improvement (TOC, 6S, Lean)
Rajeev Athavale
Late stages
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Mgmt. & Strategy, Turnaround & Operation, Bus. Improvement (TOC, 6S, Lean)
Rajeev Athavale is a Theory of Constraints (TOC) Consultant. He worked as CCPM Application Expert for a large Viable Vision project executed by Goldratt Consulting in India and gained experience in implementing CCPM for Product Development, Product Launch and Infrastructure Development projects.
As a part of the project, Rajeev has undergone training from Goldratt Schools. Apart from the training and on the job experience, study of Goldratts webcast, Strategy & Tactics Trees, TOC Insights, TOC Simulators (GSIM, MICSS, PM SIM, and Distribution), TOC Games and TOC SLPs have helped him to enrich his TOC related knowledge.
Over last ten years, Rajeev became passionate about TOC. He read all the books written by Dr. Goldratt and researched extensively on Internet to gather knowledge about TOC. As a result, he has created a large repository of presentations, articles, papers, case studies and games on various aspects of TOC.
Rajeev has over 25 years of experience in IT, played various roles in different capacities and earned experience and expertise by working with various organizations such as Patni Computer Systems Ltd., Mastek, ACC etc. He specialized in the areas of Project Management, Software Quality, and Software Development Life Cycle methodologies.
As he grew in his career, he played various roles starting with Software Developer through Designer, Analyst, Team Leader, Project Manager, Business Delivery Owner, IT Head, Steering Committee Member, SEPG Member, SQA Head, Resource Manager etc. He has participated, initiated, supported, mentored, managed and controlled numerous projects in various capacities. The projects spanned from Software Development & Maintenance to Quality to Process Improvement Initiatives to reengineering internal systems to consulting assignments.
His passion for learning, experimenting, sharing knowledge and achieving results continues
Business 360
All stages
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Business Planning, Marketing & Advertising, Financing & Fundraising, Mgmt. & Strategy, Turnaround & Operation
Business 360 is committed to providing you with the expertise you need to develop the most comprehensive and professional business plan at a reasonable price. Our plans achieve results. Since 2008, we have helped over 800 businesses and entrepreneurs raise over 750 million dollars with our funding-ready business plans. All plans are written by a team of experts, not just writers, but actual business professionals allowing us to not only write an effective plan, but add value to your business or idea.
Our Approach:
At Business 360, we take a unique approach to creating business plans. This approach has allowed for continued success and incredible client satisfaction. Business 360 takes a unique team approach to business plan writing which allows us to develop higher quality plans in a quicker period of time. All of our expert business consultants have a master's degree in a different area of business (administration, market analysis, research, etc.) and each uses his specific skills and expertise to complete the writing, research and financial sections of your plan to create the highest quality document possible. Instead of having one person complete your plan that is great in one area, but may be mediocre in other areas, you have the advantage of having a team focus on areas in which they are experts.
Step 1: You partner with Business 360 by choosing one of our business plan packages.
Step 2: Have a team assigned to you based on your businesses parameters.
Step 3: You complete the business plan questionnaire and provide any other information and documentation.
Step 4: We complete the writing, financials, and market research contacting you if we have any questions.
Step 5: We send you the rough draft.
Step 6: We make revisions and changes based on your feedback.
Step 7: You approve the final plan and ownership of the files are transferred to you.
Step 8: You decide if you would like to use us for any after the plan services that we offer.
At Business 360, no project is complete until the client is 100% satisfied.
Bob Thomas Consulting
All stages
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Marketing Consulting Sevices for High- Technology Vendors
Business Planning, Marketing & Advertising
Bob Thomas Consulting, based in Palo Alto, California, provides marketing contracting and consulting services to high-technology vendors, in the areas of Business Planning, Product Planning, and Product Marketing. * Market validation, for identifying target markets, value proposition, feature set, and messaging, and for building the early sales funnel.
* Custom services, which range from development of Business Plans, Product Roadmaps and Marketing Requirements Documents, to specific strategy issues and tactical deliverables relating to pricing, competitive positioning, and product requirements.
* Business Plan Diagnostic Check: A half-day session that provides an efficient, actionable review of existing business plans and strategies, to evaluate whether current plans are consistent with success, and to identify potential areas for attention.
* Marketing Department Diagnostic Check: A 3-hour session with key members of the Marketing team, to ensure that the Marketing department is focused on the key issues that will ultimately determine success or failure.
All stages
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The business information experts for architecture engineering, and construction
Accounting & Finance, Merger & Acquisition, Business Planning, Marketing & Advertising
Firms small and large, including many of the ENR 500, turn to ZweigWhite for hands-on management consulting solutions. No other single organization combines our perspective on management, inside knowledge on the industry, specialized business skills, horsepower for large jobs, and the strength to tell it like it is and get results.
You'll find us on-site in hundreds of different firms each year delivering solutions, solving problems, coaching managers, and helping clients meet their goals.
Our areas of expertise include strategic planning, organization and operations, business valuation, ownership transition, mergers and acquisitions, human resources and recruitment, marketing, finance and accounting, information technology, and project delivery methods.
Architecture, engineering, and construction firm leaders across the globe turn to ZweigWhite for the best advice on getting the most benefit from their business investments, marketing efforts, and workforce. Here are our latest perspectives on a range of topics. Be sure to check the archives for each topic to discover the true depth of the ZweigWhite perspective.
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