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DataDevelop Consulting Ltd.
Late stages
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Mgmt. & Strategy, Turnaround & Operation, Bus. Improvement (TOC, 6S, Lean)
DataDevelop consulting is result-oriented TOC management consulting firm, specialized in TOC, Lean, Six Sigma TLS synergy and ERP acceleration services.
Over last 20 years, we have successfully established many improvement programs by TOC, ERP implementation and practical bottom-line improvement projects in different industries.
We are committed to help our customer succeed by maximizing profit velocity :-
One of our real TOC project's tangible results :
TOC MTO Make-To-Order - To achieve due-date performance 100% for over consecutive 365 days
TOC SDBR Simplified Drum-Buffer-Rope - To reduce production lead time 65% from baseline performance
TOC BM Buffer Management - To reduce WIP 70% from original baseline level
TOC FM Finance and Measurement - To increase Throughput 51%
TOC S&T Strategy & Tactics - To increase Net Profit 57% within 8 months
Solution for Profit is to multiply your net profit level in TOC way !
James Coburn
Late stages
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Unique Business Plans
Accounting & Finance, Merger & Acquisition, Business Planning
James Consulting was formed in 1999 to meet the demand small businesses and organizations had for executive level professional help on an affordable, outsourced, contract hourly basis. The company allows CEO's and owners of these businesses to accomplish certain projects with the help of experts they normally wouldn't have access to and to reduce their stress. We work hands-on with start up, early stage, turnaround and mature businesses whose sales range from pre-revenue to $50,000,000 a year.
Astrid Harper
All stages
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Copywriting that Compels Action
Marketing & Advertising, Sales & Partnership
We are all bombarded with thousands of messages a day, and our attention span has become as short as a 2-year old's. How can you rise above the noise level and make sure your sales message is received?
Contact me and find out. With laser-sharp focus I zero in on your target market and get results. Thirty years of experience in corporate ID, taglines, slogans, brand names, ad copy, Web content, press releases, newsletters, user manuals and process documentation.
Experienced in setting up and documenting ISO9000 quality systems and in export business development.
I have structured my rates with small business budgets in mind.
Kitty Cole & Associates
All stages
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Mgmt. & Strategy, Human Resources
Organization and motivation are what frequently stand between a winning company and an also-ran. Kitty Cole can assist you to diagnose organizational problems and investigate existing concerns.
All stages
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Merger & Acquisition
Roth Associates has built a national reputation for successfully helping marketers and advertisers solve the many issues they face in selecting, structuring, compensating, and managing their communications resources.
As a pioneer in the field of Communications Management Consulting, Roth Associates has extensive experience, thorough information databases, and an unparalleled breadth of industry experience and contacts that provide invaluable and relevant insights.
Late stages
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Merger & Acquisition
The Column Group will stay committed through the life cycle of each of its 5 to 8 companies, and manage risk in each company’s pipeline rather than through a large portfolio of companies. TCG will evaluate the enormous opportunities in the areas of cancer, inflammation, infectious disease, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease and nervous system disorders. The TCG team includes some of today’s most prominent experts in these medical fields. TCG’s substantial financial commitment will enable its portfolio companies to build sustainable pipelines of new drugs, creating value as stand-alone companies or as attractive acquisition targets for large pharma companies.
Allegis Capital
Late stages
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Financing & Fundraising
We believe that when you are trying to build a brand, penetrate highly competitive markets, find new channels of distribution and grow market share, experience matters. Our ability to immediately partner entrepreneurs with seasoned executives in established multi-national corporations has enabled us to stand out as a preferred venture capital partner. We have seen innovators learn from blue-chip partners and our corporate partners learn through first-hand experience with new technologies and delivery platforms, enabling them to more strategically optimize decision making. We know that pairing the pioneers with the veterans produces superior returns and a "win-win" environment in which great solutions are born.
Ground Floor Partners
Late stages
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Success acceleration for businesses
Mgmt. & Strategy
Ground Floor Partners provides strategic advisory services to business owners and senior managers at small and mid-size businesses. We work with entrepreneurs at the very earliest stages of their ventures, as well as with established small and mid-size companies where execution, speed, and focus mean the difference between success and failure. We combine a relentless focus on sound business fundamentals with a unique marriage of strategy and operations expertise.
Our services include market research and analysis, marketing planning and execution, business plan consulting, strategic planning, preparation of business presentations (to investors, partners, clients and other stakeholders), business auditing services, and due diligence services for investors and business buyers.
Although we emphasize research, analysis, planning, and strategy, we are also very hands-on. We'll do whatever it takes to achieve profitable growth for your enterprise. We also have a broad and deep network of strategic business partners we can bring on to solve almost any problem.
If you are looking for a management consulting firm with integrity, passion, and a talent for delivering results, then you have come to the right place.
Raumer & Associates
All stages
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Raumer & Associates bring people, methods, and technology together to assist you.
Mgmt. & Strategy, Turnaround & Operation
Raumer & Associates is an information technology management consulting firm.
We work with top management in leading organizations on their most critical technology challenges. We advise on issues of strategy, organization and technology.
Our clients, located around the world, range from emerging companies to global corporations and include government institutions and not-for-profit organizations.
Einstein Enterprises, LLC
All stages
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Business Planning
Consulting firm that focuses solely on business plan development and business plan review.
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